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The Passions

The Passions
were a British post-punk band which formed in 1978 and disbanded in 1983. Based in Shepherds Bush, west London, The Passions' music was grounded mainly in Barbara Gogan's voice and Clive Timperley's delicate echoplex guitar work. Before forming in 1978, most of the group's members had played in other groups. Timperley was formerly with the 101ers, while drummer Richard Williams and singer/guitarist Barbara Gogan were in the punk rock outfit The Derelicts. The Passions' first single, issued in March 1979, was "Needles and Pills" (written by Dack Dyde), which assisted in gaining the band a recording contract with Fiction Records. They were considered one-hit wonders due to their early 1981 single "I'm in Love with a German Film Star". (Read more at Wikipedia)

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Peel was a supporter of The Passions throughout their brief career, often featuring tracks from their albums, especially their debut "Michael & Miranda". After their breakup they were still played occasionally. The band recorded three sessions for his programme, premiering their only hit "I'm In Love With a German Film Star" during the third, the recording of which was attended by Peel himself. As he explained on the night of its first broadcast on 17 November 1980, the session had taken place in the "Langham 1" studio across the road from Broadcasting House, rather than the usual Maida Vale.

According to singer Barbara Gogan, the reason those sessions have not been officially released yet is because "whoever owns the rights asked a ludicrous percentage" to the record company to license them. [1]

Peel went to see the band play live at the Braintree College of Further Education on Friday 3rd October 1980. Sadly, the gig was cut short due to crowd violence, an unhappy event he recalled on 08 October 1980 and 07 August 1990.


Three sessions. No commercial release of full sessions.

"German Film Star" only from #3 featured on Various Artists: Kats Karavan: The History Of John Peel On The Radio 4xCD, 2009 (Universal ‎271 415-1) (under full title of "I'm In Love With a German Film Star").
THE PASSIONS John Peel 19th November 1979

THE PASSIONS John Peel 19th November 1979

1. Recording date: 1979-11-19. First broadcast: 29 November 1979. Repeated: 17 January 1980, 20 April 1981.

  • Snow / Man On The Tube / Oh No It's You / Why Me?

2. Recording date: 1980-05-07. First broadcast: 14 May 1980. Repeated: 04 August 1980.

  • Hunted / Real Mean / Absentee / Lies

3. Recording date: 1980-11-05. First broadcast: 17 November 1980. Repeated: 29 December 1980, 26 January 198123 April 1981.

  • Someone Special / The Swimmer / Cachelor Girls / German Film Star

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I'm in love with a German Film Star TOTP2 version

I'm in love with a German Film Star TOTP2 version


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