Paul Van Dyk
Matthias Paul
, better known by his stage name Paul van Dyk (German: [fanˈdʏk]; (born 16 December 1971 in Eisenhüttenstadt, East Germany) is a German Grammy Award-winning Electronic Dance Music DJ, musician and record producer. One of the first true superstar DJs, Paul van Dyk was the first artist to receive a Grammy nomination in the newly added category of Best Dance/Electronic album for his 2003 release Reflections. He was named the World's No. 1 DJ in both 2005 and 2006, something less than a handful of DJs have ever achieved. He was the first ever DJ to be named No. 1 by Mixmag in 2005. By 2008, he had sold over 3 million albums worldwide. A trance producer starting in the early 1990s with Visions Of Shiva, Paul quickly achieved popularity with his remix of "Love Stimulation" by Humate on the record label MFS in 1993 and with his hit single "For an Angel" but, in recent times, he no longer likes to describe his music as trance, but rather simply as electronic music.

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Peel got to know of Van Dyk's work through the MFS label based in Berlin, who have supported acts such as Corvin Dalek. A couple of Van Dyk's tracks from his Seven Ways album were played by Peel in 1996, but after that, no other materials were played by him.

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Paul Van Dyk - Seven Ways (Original)

Paul Van Dyk - Seven Ways (Original)


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