Peel's Festive Ten

Peel's Festive Ten was Peel's choice of songs in his own 'Festive Ten' (i.e. ten of his favourite tracks of 1994), which was published in the Vox music magazine in February 1995. Peel described on each of the tracks why he choose them as his favourites and mentioned that if he had to have a number one track of 1994, it would be the Fall's Hey Student.

Peel's top ten favourite tracks of 1994:

  1. The Fall: Hey Student
  2. Pulp: Do You Remember The First Time?
  3. Shellac: Dog And Pony Show
  4. L.S.G.: Hearts
  5. Elastica: Waking Up
  6. H-Foundation: Laika
  7. DJ Bleed: Deaf, Dumb & Blind
  8. Supergrass: Caught By The Fuzz
  9. Christoph De Babalon: I Own Death
  10. Tarnation: Big O Motel
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