• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1986-09-25
  • 1986-10-02/09
  • "These programmes are all about alienation."
  • Tape inlay reads 'Week 40 / '86.'
  • A listener request for various tracks meets with inevitable disdain from John: the Stranglers' Nice In Nice is a "bit of a bore" and the Psychedelic Furs' Pretty In Pink, "a stadium version of a song which I never very much cared for in the first place."


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25 September 1986 (BFBS)

(JP: 'And you're listening to the big one: BFBS, the tower of power. This is John Peel's Music, rather noisy again this week, I'm afraid.')

02 October 1986 (BFBS)

(JP: 'From Andy, in which he says, "Please stop playing awful records by Princess Stephanie of Monaco." I'm a great fan: if she made an LP, you'd hear every track from it on these programmes. Excellent stuff. What an artiste: I keep hoping that she'll come to Britain and record a session for the programmes that I do for the BBC, one of my boyhood ambitions.') [1]
(JP: 'Pretty big on the dancefloor I'm told at the moment, not that I often find myself on the dancefloor, and then only walking across on my way to the bar.')
(JP: 'In case you're expecting to hear some of my brand new records in this programme and wondering why they're not there, I have to confess that they're pre-recorded slightly in advance, even more so than usual, so that I can go to Japan and Hong Kong for three weeks, which I'm looking forward to although I'm terrified of flying. I'll have to be rendered unconscious before I set off and before I come back. When I do get back, I hope to have lots of Japanese hardcore records to play you, but by all accounts, although they're extremely hard to get hold of in the West, I shall have the only ones. Ha ha! They're also extraordinarily good, according to my advisers.') [2]
(JP: 'I was lying in bed the other night thinking about you, as I so often do, and I thought, "I don't play these blighters nearly enough surf music," so...')
(JP: 'To end the programme this week, another track from...')
(JP: 'And that's the end of another powerful human drama, another John Peel's Music From BFBS...Hope you'll join me at the same time next week. Until then, goodbye.')

09 October 1986

(JP: 'We haven't actually worked out what I was going to say at the start of the programme, so erm, apart from programme, John Peel's Music, and, the Mighty Lemon Drops.')


  • Peel 042
  • 00:46:45
  • Many thanks to the taper.
  1. See Peel 040 (BFBS).
  2. Janice And John In Japan went out between 20th and 23rd of 1986 on Radio 1.