• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1990-03/10/17/24
  • The final track is confirmed to be from the 24th.


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03 February 1990 (BFBS)

(JP: 'I don't hate 'em, not as much as I hate U2 and Dire Straits, or did back in those days, but they were never particular favourites of mine.')

10 February 1990 (BFBS)

(JP: 'Well, I was just about to show producer Charles Foster something that he hadn't seen before, which was a letter from Anthony Powell who, as I'm sure you don't need to be told, is the author of Dance To The Music Of Time and a great deal besides, and one of Britain's premier literary figures, and of course, Charles hadn't heard of him. It's rather frustrating when you say, "I've got a postcard from Picasso," and he said, "Didn't he play Liver over Real Madrid in the fifties?", and that kind of stuff. Doesn't impress him at all.')

17 February 1990 (BFBS)

(JP: 'Hello multitudes of fans, John Peel's Music On BFBS. This would be my advice to you, and to other disc jockeys as well.')
(JP: 'Can that be the first pop song to include the word "wattle" in its lyrics, as in the line, "Germans live in wattle huts", and can that be true?')

24 February 1990 (BFBS)

(JP: 'Hello again, legions of fans, this is John Peel's Music from BFBS. The producer of the programme has just called me a fat ignorant pleb, which I think is a fine way of starting the evening.')
(JP: 'Well, I think that establishes where we're coming from, as they say in the Americas.')


  • Peel 134
  • 00:46:42
  • Many thanks to Dirk.
  1. Dicks cover.
  2. At this point, JP has never heard the original, by a band he quaintly refers to as The Pavement.
  3. John promises to play one of the B-sides, a cover of Joy Division's Ceremony, in the following week's programme.
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