Peel's week of lunchtime shows sitting in for Jakki Brambles on Radio One in 1993 remain some of his most fondly remembered broadcasts. Jakki was the first woman (allegedly) to get a prime time Radio 1 slot. She now has changed her name to Jackie and still appears on various BBC and ITV Radio and TV shows having spent some time in California. 

Alongside standard daytime playlist fare, JP promised daily PJ Harvey and Camille Howard tracks, football songs and vintage session numbers, among other treats.

At the end of the week, Peel returned to his regular evening slot with his 09 April 1993 show starting at a slightly different time just to confuse everybody. Alas, the brief daytime experiment was not repeated. The level of abusive faxes appears to have increased over the week with Peel ploughing on regardless. He even delighted in reading out opprobium from office workers in Fife etc. but does appear to get more and more disenchanted with the inability of the daytime audience to open their ears to the sounds that delighted his night time audience. His last link encourages his new  listeners to try out his evening show - it will probably always be an unknowable as to how many did but this was definitely a brave programming choice by management who obviously also gave him quite a lot of slack on the playlist.