• Peel Late Sep - Oct 1983
  • 1983-09-28-10-27
  • (Background of tape, including who made it, theme if any, notable songs, interesting Peel comments, etc)
  • From the start of the tape to the final Room 101 track is taken from the show of the 28 September 1983. This section was recorded on a Dual C814 twin-head cassette deck from a Pioneer analogue tuner.
  • The remaining tracks were recorded on a mono portable cassette recorder, Grundig CR355 connected to a mono Grundig Satellit 2100 radio. Any panic recordings made on this machine are evident by the short period of distortion before the automatic recording level circuit activates. Thankfully this is otherwise fairly slow-acting ARL and doesn't noticeably flatten dynamic range. That said, the frequency response of this portable is not up to the proper hifi Dual deck, but my Nakamichi BX-300 does extract a reasonable quality signal considering the age of the tapes and the equipment used to record them.
  • The tracks from GLJ Upstairs to GLJ Screaming For Emmaline are taken from the show of 17 October 1983. Another track from the GLJ session from this show can be found on Peel Early Sep 1983 which does in fact include some tracks recorded in October. The tracks from unknown to X-Ray Connection are recorded from unknown dates between 17th October 1983 and 27th October 1983.
    The tracks from the first Sophie and Peter Johnson are from the show on 27 October 1983.



  • 1983-09-28-10-27 Peel Late Sep - Oct 1983.mp3
  • 1:34:55
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