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  • Online group dedicated to Peel's legend.
  • Nov 2019: Yahoo is in the process of ending its Groups service, although the Peel mailing list remains active by email at the time of writing. An archive of old posts can be found at the following page:


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  • Peel Yahoo Group Finished

    5 messages
    • I see that the Forum here has the ability to replicate the Yahoo Group should that option prove to be dead rather than faulty. If you follo...
    • Thanks for that. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had this problem with the Peel Yahoo messaging situation. 
  • Re-up 31 October 2004 (Andy Kershaw tribute show)

    3 messages
    • I've reupped the show and edited the page. No idea if the torrents are remotely active any more, I got a lot of stuff from them when t...
    • Wow thanks so fast! Just wow. Merry christmas to you and yours Weatherman32. :) Bri
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