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A preliminary attempt to list TV programmes featuring Peel in some way, put together from assorted online sources. At the moment, the main ones used are the BFI Database and imdb (others include and It is planned to add more extensive links for individual shows in due course, as well as further details on relevant pages of John Peel Wiki. Please feel free to add any missing shows.



Interviewee / On-Screen Participant


Commercial Appearances / Voiceovers



  1. March 1969. Peel records a pilot for a potential TV series in Manchester. Granada TV producer Johnny Hamp told the Melody Maker "This was really a trial show to see how John shaped up on TV. He was excellent. But it was a very loose format, and might be a quite different show if we were able to do a series." The guests were Tyrannosaurus Rex, Blodwyn Pig, Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band, an Indian dancer and poetry..