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Peel Out In The States was a 24-programme series of half-hour radio shows recorded by Peel at home in the early 1990s and distributed via 12 CDs to 200 commercial and college stations in the United States. It was offered free of charge either weekly for six months or biweekly for 12 months.[1]

Clive Selwood, Peel's manager, noted in his autobiography that the series came about after the Strange Fruit catalogue of sessions releases was licensed in the US, drumming up interest in the DJ, but it proved to be a one-off:

"We were unable to sustain the interest of a major advertiser and the series did not take off. John was disappointed, but he could never have found the time to develop it had it been successful."[2]


Program 01

Program 02

Program 03

Program 04

Program 05

Program 06

Program 07

Program 08

Programs 09 & 10

Program 11

Program 12

Programs 13 & 14

Programs 15 & 16

Programs 17 & 18

Programs 19 & 20

Programs 21 & 22

Programs 23 and 24


  • Most of the shows except the final four are available on a dedicated torrent. A quick google search should turn up results.
  • In September 2009, shows 21 & 22 were shared via Peel Mailing List (link now dead: contact the group for re-up requests). Subsequently in August 2011 they were shared on Keeping It Peel.
  • In March 2012 shows 23 & 24 were shared on Keeping It Peel.


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