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(JP: 'Hello, I'm a little fat chap who plays records on the radio.')
(JP: 'Nothing like a good scream to clear the of the reasons to be reasonably optimistic about British music in 1993, 1992 having been rather a dull year, I think.')
(JP: 'In the course of these half hour programmes, I'm not just going to play you obscure and unpleasant records from the Greater Europe, but also the occasional record from your side of the Atlantic as well, and this revolutionary concept will be known rather tastelessly as the Yank Sizzler, at least it will be while I remember to call it that. And this week's Yank Sizzler is this.')
(JP: 'Normally in these programmes I won't speak as much as I shall do in this one, but I ought to explain that the programmes are recorded in my home, which is about 100 miles to the east of London near a town called Ipswich in the county of Suffolk. It's not really a studio so much as a prepared corner, so there will be incidental noises, like dogs barking, my children arguing, my son William in the room above listening to Sonic Youth LPs at immense volume, and the occasional passing car. I hope this won't spoil things for you.')
(JP: 'In the course of these programmes, I shall also from time to time play you old records. The programmes, I should say, are principally on vinyl, cos I'm a vinyl man meself, and I prefer the sound of vinyl, even if it's got a bit of surface noise on it, because life itself has surface noise.')
  • Quads: 'There Must Be Thousands (7")' (Big Bear)
(JP: 'Science will almost certainly never come up with anything as wonderful as the electric guitar....I played football with them once, and they were as good at that as they are making records.')
(JP: 'More of this stuff next week in Peel Out In the States, but that's your lot for now.')


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