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  • 1993-00-00


(JP: 'Time for more teenage kicks.')
(JP: 'I still regard the Undertones' original Teenage Kicks as being the best record anybody's ever made, or perhaps the closest anybody's come to making the perfect record.')
  • Trash: 'On And On With Lou Reed (7")' (New World Of Sound)
(JP: 'In case you thought I sounded nervous on last week's programme, that's because I was nervous on last week's programme. This week, though, I'm as cocky as you like.')
(JP: 'Ah, don't you yearn to hold them close?...Last year, I spent quite a bit of time in what is still geographically Eastern Europe, and used to be politically Eastern Europe as well: the Baltic states, Russia, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. In all of these countries, I was looking for some decent music, and the trouble is that most of it is terrible, as you may well know. It's either second-rate metal or arts lab stuff played by people in their forties wearing funny costumes and silly hats. If you want a guiding principle for life, never trust bands who've got somebody in them who wears a silly hat. I mean, Mark E. Smith does not wear a silly hat: that's fairly obvious.')
(JP: 'Some of you may be aware that there are records called Peel Sessions, some of you may even own some of these, and these are things which were recorded for my programmes here in Britain over the years. I may in the course of these Peel Out In The States programmes play tracks from them. I'm not going to in this programme, but before I do, I should explain that I derive, alas, no income at all from the sale of these Peel sessions records. Wish I did, in a way: I'd get somebody to come in and clean the windows here in the studio.')
(JP: 'That's your lot for this week. Off you go.')


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