• Syndicated
  • 1993-00-00


  • Huggy Bear: 'Hopscotch (split LP with Bikini Kill - Our Troubled Youth)' (Catcall / Kill Rock Stars)
(JP: 'At the Battle of Hastings in 1066, a French archer fired his arrow, drew a bow at adventure, according to the poet. It went up into the air, he didn't know where it was going, and it came down in the eye of King Harold who subsequently died and it meant that William the Conqueror won the battle and became King of England, and I feel as though I'm doing something similar to that with these programmes, and I hope that they're coming down somewhere.')
(JP: That comes from Birmingham, which is our second largest city and as boring a place as there is on earth, I'd suggest.')
(JP: 'I read each week loads and loads of American music papers, and I know that most of you think that the Ramones are still top entertainment, so here's a Ramones tune for you.')
(JP: 'I should emphasise again before playing this that, although these seem to sell quite well, I don't actually derive any money from it. Not a brass farthing guvnor, so help me! I wish I did actually, but I don't. It's just got me name on it, which is about as far as I go with it. This is from one of my all-time favourite sessions.')


  • Peel Out In The States IV
  • 00:29:06
  • Many thanks to Pates Tapes.
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