• Syndicated
  • 1993-00-00
  • William (?): "This is Peel Out In The States." (sound of dragster revving up)
  • JP: "I just did that to attract your attention, really. Here's some cynical manipulative pop drivel for you."
  • Three tracks are played from a compilation amassed to protest against the war in the former Yugoslavia.


(JP: 'You know the sort of thing, don't you? White make-up, lots of red lipstick and bleached white hair, and of course it always works.')
(JP: 'This is the Yank Sizzler for the week...and I can hear it being a pop sensation, but I'm never very good at guessing these things.')
(JP: 'While that was going on, I rushed out and had a chat on the phone with one of the members of Tsunami, that's the kind of rock and roll highway that I travel, because they were playing up in Norwich, which is about forty miles north of here, last night, and very good they were too. I thoroughly enjoyed them, their attitude as much as the music to be honest with you, because British bands by and large, and these are stupid generalisations I know, but they tend to be a bit dour and kind of neurotic, you know, whereas your bands when they come over here seem to be a great deal livelier really and feel as though the stage is their natural place and there isn't a great barrier between them and the audience.')
(JP: 'This has been Peel Out In The States, brought to you by Nana. Back in a week's time.')


  • Peel Out In The States XI
  • 1:51:40 (0:58:05 - 1:26:56)
  • Many thanks to pates tapes
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