The Peels were an American studio group assembled by producer Tash Howard in the mid 60's, consisting of Gail Allan (22), Bill Spilka (25) and Harvey Davis (23) and Harold Swart (28).

It was Tash Howard's intention to have the band perform a (potential hit) song which he and Murray Kenton had written, with him/his production company (Howard-Smith Productions) producing. The song ended up being the cult 1966 hit song 'Juanita Banana / Fun'.

A couple of follow up singles (Juanita Banana (Part . 2) and Scrooey Mooey) were quickly released, as was a "cash-in" LP (also named Juanita Banana), but the single's success was not to be repeated, and soon after the LP's release, The Peels disappeared.

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Peel played their track, Scrooey Mooey, from the Bug Out Volume 2 compilation LP in 1991 and mentioned after the song that he thought it was awful, but wanted to play it because of the band's name.

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