Persil are an electro indie noise band from Amsterdam. Formed in 1997, at their core are the duo of Martine Brinksma and David Lingerak, although supplementary musicians appeared on the recordings of the group's three Peel sessions and often for live performances.

In 2004 the group issued their debut LP "Duotone". A second LP, "Comfort Noise", followed two years later. The group's official website indicates that Persil have been inactive since 2010.

Most of the group's recordings were issued by the Transformed Dreams label, also home to compatriots Seedling.

Links With Peel

JP: "Well what an agreeable noise they make." (29 May 2002)
Persil came to Peel's attention in 1998 when they sent him a demo CD. At least one track from this was played on his show. They went on to record three sessions for the programme. The duo met John in London in the autumn of 2004 during a tour of the UK. They reportedly enjoyed "a rather unsatisfactory Indian" meal together on 08 September 2004.

Festive Fifty Entries



  • Three sessions. No repeats. No known commercial release.

1. Recorded: 2000-02-13. First broadcast: 12 April 2000.

  • Thirty Three / Agony Aunt / Snakes And Ladders / Happy

2. Recorded: 2002-03-24. First broadcast: 29 May 2002.

  • June / Traces Of Knots / Mum / Dear John

3. Recorded: 2004-04-15. First broadcast: 11 May 2004.

  • Quicksand / Shifty / Music / Down Down

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