Surely the largest single database of John Peel tracklistings currently available - bringing together listings from the BBC, Lorcan's pioneering tracklistings site and other sources - is the result of many years of work by Peel Mailing List member Phil Edwards.

Phil published his database (“still nowhere near complete”) in Excel form (tblJPListingsMaster.xls), which was made available in the files section of the Peel Mailing List homepage on 11 Nov. 08. This can still be accessed if you are a list member and is an invaluable tool for in-depth research on tracklistings information.

For alternative online searches, please see SuperSearch.


(Phil: adapted from Peel Mailing List message #8271, 4 Nov. 08)

Lorcan’s site was the starting point of a mammoth project I began eight years ago of creating a master listings database. I resumed the task this summer. Lorcan’s site was based on downloads of JP Listings from Teletext. I did a few when he couldn't manage. His site alone consists of 16,500 tracks. I painstakingly imported these into my database line by line (each track being a permutation of two, three or four fields) To this I added the BBC website track listings (10,000 tracks), which I extracted programmatically after running HTMSTRIP (which I believe our very own Martin Wheatley supplied me with). This first converted these files to text files. Plus various other sources. The database currently stands at 45,000 tracks, from Dec 1976 - Dec 2004.

Wiki Version

With the agreement of Phil and Lorcan, work started on creating a Google Docs version of the database that could be accessed and searched via the John Peel Wiki. The John Peel Wiki wishes to express huge thanks to Phil and Lorcan for their kind support and cooperation to allow this version of Phil’s database to appear here. For a list of contributors to Lorcan’s site, please see here.

While Phil's data partly overlaps that already on the John Peel Wiki, the aim of having both sources available via this site is maximize the volume of information available in one place. In addition, possible contradictions or inaccuracies can be pointed out by Wiki users, via the Discussion tab at the top right of each page, for the greatest degree of accuracy possible.

It is hoped to keep the files updated with any extra information added by Phil.

View And Search

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