Phono-Comb was a Canadian instrumental/modern surf rock group that formed in 1993 in Toronto. Phono-Comb first materialized when Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet played with Jad Fair when he was performing in Toronto to promote a film about his band Half Japanese. Shadowy Men were planning a hiatus around this time, and guitarist Brian Connelly opted out of the planned follow-up recording project (although he is credited as a co-songwriter on all the songs). Don Pyle and Reid Diamond invited Dallas Good of The Sadies to step in, and 'Jad Fair & Phono-Comb' was born. They recorded a single in 1995 and a full-length album,Monsters, Lullabies...and the Occasional Flying Saucer in 1996. After this recording, Fair returned to his solo career, and the remaining trio recorded an instrumental single. In 1996, they added Beverly Breckenridge (of Fifth Column) on bass, and Reid Diamond switched over to guitar. As a quartet, they recorded a CD, Fresh Gasoline with Steve Albini producing. The band toured throughout North America and one of their songs was featured on the soundtrack of the documentary film Pitch. Reid Diamond died of cancer in February 2001.

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Peel played tracks from Phono-Comb's collaborations with Jad Fair in 1995 and 1996. After Peel's death, a copy of their album was found in his Record Collection: F.

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Jad Fair & Phono Comb You will have it all

Jad Fair & Phono Comb You will have it all

  • 13 July 1996 (& Jad Fair): Object: To Serve Man (CD - Monsters, Lullabies... And The Occasional Flying Saucer) Shake The Record

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