Pilote (real name Stuart Cullen) is an electronica/IDM artist based in Brighton, UK. He was practically self-taught, only attending a few guitar lessons, and had been making music since the young age of 17. In 1996 he released his first single called "Testrach / Sapling" on a 12" Vinyl issued by Curor Recordings. Since then he's released 7 albums and a remixes/cut tracks compilation album on labels such as Certificate 18, Exalt Records & Micro Spiral, with his albums 'Pop Will Make Us Free' and 'The Slowdown' being the most popular.

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John Peel first played Pilote's music on his 11 August 1999 show, where he played the A side and titular song on a 12" single called "No Truck". Peel would play various tracks of his from 1999-2001, such as 'Pilote vs. Bonobo: Turtle (Bonobo Mix)', 'No Truck', and 'Fairplay'. Pilote would come on to do a session on the 02 August 2000 show, where he played several unreleased tracks, that the viewers seemed to enjoy, as John said.


John Peel Show - August 02 2000

John Peel Show - August 02 2000

One session only. Recorded: 2000-08-02. Broadcast: 02 August 2000.

  • Decca Studios / Group Sex / Porcelain / Jelly

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