Polysics (Japanese: ポリシックス Porishikkusu, typeset POLYSICS) is a Japanese new wave and rock band from Tokyo, Japan who dubs its unique style as "technicolor pogo punk". It was named after a brand of synthesizer, the Korg Polysix. The band started in 1997, but got their big break in 1998 at a concert in Tokyo. They create high energy music, fusing conventional guitar music with synthesized and computer generated sound to create a unique mixture of punk and synthpop heavily inspired by the American bands Devo and The Tubes, as well as Japanese bands such as P-Model and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Their song lyrics often consist of Japanese, English, or gibberish. The band has been noted for their extremely energetic live performances and their wild gimmicky outfits, notably their straight-bar sunglasses and trademark orange boiler suits stamped with a simple "P".

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Peel voted their compilation album, of new and old material, called Polysics Or Die!!!!, as his record of the month for July 2004 (Peel's Record Box). So impressed with it, that he invited the group to do a session for his show, which was broadcast in October 2004.


1. Recorded: 2004-09-23. Broadcast: 12 October 2004

  • Kaja Kaja Goo / New Wave Jacket / My Sharona / Buggie Technica

Other Shows Played

Polysics - New Wave Jacket

Polysics - New Wave Jacket

  • 24 June 2004: My Sharona (LP - Polysics Or Die!!!!) Tofu
  • 06 July 2004: New Wave Jacket (LP - Polysics or Die!!!!) Sur La Plage
  • 21 July 2004: My Sharona" (LP - 'Polysics or Die') - (Ki/Oon)

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