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Prophecy Of Doom was an English Grind / Death Metal band from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. They recorded two full-length albums, the last in 1992 after which the band split up, however two farewell releases appeared in 1996 and 2007. The group were one of the very few extreme musicians who didn't feature lyrics of Satan or horror. Their lyrics were mainly based on philosophy and psychology.

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Peel first played their material in 1989 and a year later got them to do a session for his show. Peel called their album, Acknowledge The Confusion Master, as one of his favourite LP's of 1990 on a couple of occasions.

In 1991, the band did their second session, which they dedicated it to the Tibetan cause, but by the end of 1992, the group split and rarely got any airplay after that.



PROPHECY OF DOOM -england- Peel Session 7th April 1991 (Original Radio Air!!!)

The band's first session is available on The Peel Session (1990, 12", Strange Fruit) and Retrospective 1988-1991 (2019, CD, Boss Tunage). Their second session is also available on Retrospective 1988-1991.

1. Recorded: 1990-01-28. First Broadcast: 14 February 1990. Repeated: 27 March 1990, 23 December 1990

  • Insanity Reigns Supreme / Earth Reality Victim / Rancid Oracle / Hybrid Thought

2. Recorded: 1991-04-07. First Broadcast: 01 June 1991. Repeated: 20 July 1991

  • Raze Against Time / Onward Ever Backward / Acknowledge The Confusion Master / The Voice Of Tibet/Our Shame & Hypocrisy

Other Shows Played


Prophecy of Doom - Hybrid Thought

  • 26 March 1990: Calculated Mind Rape (LP - Acknowledge The Confusion Master) Deaf
  • 07 April 1990 (BFBS): 'Calculated Mind Rape (7")' (Prophecy)
  • 05 June 1990: Earth Reality Victim (album - The Confusion Master) Deaf
  • 23 June 1990 (BFBS): 'Insanity Reigns Supreme (LP-Acknowledge The Confusion Master)' (Deaf)
  • 09 July 1990: Insanity Reigns Supreme
  • 01 August 1990: Earth Reality Victim (album - Acknowledge The Confusion Master) Deaf
  • 03 September 1990: Insanity Reigns Supreme (LP - Acknowledge The Confusion Master) Deaf (JP: 'Another of my fave LP's of 1990')
  • 08 September 1990 (BFBS): 'Insanity Reigns Supreme (12"-The Peel Sessions)' (Strange Fruit)
  • 13 September 1990: Acknowledge The Confusion Master (LP - Acknowledge The Confusion Master) Deaf (JP: 'Another contender for LP of the year I think')

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