New singles which were received by the pirate station Radio London and approved of by the station's programme director were featured in the station's playlist for at least one week, and referred to by the DJs as "Radio London Climbers". The station prided itself on being several weeks ahead of the national charts, so some "climbers" appeared on the playlist before their official release. Many of them made the Radio London Fab Forty, some of these later appeared in the official pop charts, while others failed to make any impression.

Every week, one climber bore the name of each Radio London DJ. Sometimes this was because the DJ in question liked the record and chose it himself, but on other occasions records would be "allocated" to him by the station. The list of John Peel Climbers below demonstrates this. Many titles are by artists Peel is known to have liked, but some are by acts he had little enthusiasm for (Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Jan and Dean) and a few are very obscure (the Montanas, Gates of Eden, the Marquis of Kensington).

John Peel Climbers

This list was compiled with the help of the Field's Fab Forty section of the Radio London website, which contains a huge amount of information on the records and artists played on the station, in addition to comprehensive chart listings. For more detail on a particular week, click on one of the dates given below in the Fab Forty Index.

The chart of 6 August 1967 was the final one before the station closed down.

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