1970 Radio One Club Mansfield

DJ Johnnie Walker and Radio 1 Club attendees at Mansfield Palais, 1970.

Radio One Club (sometimes written as Radio 1 Club) was a BBC Radio 1 weekday programme broadcast live, initially from the Paris Theatre, London and later from locations around the UK. The two hour lunchtime show was intended as a link between the listeners, DJs and popular recording artists and featured DJs playing records and bands playing live to a club members audience. The first club date and show was broadcast on Monday, 21st October 1968[1], hosted by Keith Skues, with guest DJ Tony Blackburn. The Tremeloes played live.

The popular Club show seems to have been taken off air after October 1971 although returned a year later with a new time slot of 5.00 pm and a regular rota of DJ presenters.[2] Radio One Club lasted until January 1974, later replaced in the form of the Radio 1 Roadshow.

Links to Peel

The show's usual presenters included DLT, Emperor Rosko, Tony Blackburn, Ed Stewart and others, although Peel was occasionally called in as guest DJ. True to form, he attempted to introduce 'alternative' artists and music to the more customary regular pop selections. In an article in International Times in November 1969, Peel commended the show "in that it is an attempt to involve the BBC at community level" although described the music played as "the usual bestial fare". He described how during a recent guest appearance he "wasn't screamed at" (as was evidently the usual reaction to popular DJs) and interviewed a young lady "who had never even heard of Captain Beefheart".[3]

Radio One Club 1973-01-10 detail

Radio Times listings for 10/01/1973, scan via twitter

Echoes: The Complete History of Pink Floyd (Povey G., 2007) states that the group were set to record a live show for Radio One Club hosted by Peel at midday on 09 April 1969, although the band failed to show up due to illness. The performance was rescheduled to 12 May. It's not known whether Peel also featured on this show.

Radio Times/BBC Genome listings give Peel as main host for shows over the 5.00 pm season on:

  • 27 December 1972 (from Paris Studio, London)[4]
  • 03 January 1973 (from Bogart's, Birmingham)[5]
  • 10 January 1973 (from Glasgow University - see right).[6]

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