The Raincoats are a British experimental post-punk band. Ana da Silva (vocals, guitar) and Gina Birch (vocals, bass) formed the group in 1977 while they were students at Hornsey College of Art in London. Signed to the label Rough Trade, the band released three albums in their early incarnation: 'The Raincoats' (1979), 'Odyshape' (1981), and 'Moving' (1984). They reformed in 1993 and released the album 'Looking in the Shadows' in 1996.

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"There have been several reviews of the [Raincoats] album, saying that it was really rather miserable and depressing sort of a record. ... I will admit that the Raincoats are not the Undertones. But the Undertones are not the Raincoats.”
(John Peel, BBC Radio One, 12 December 1979)

Peel gave regular airtime to the Raincoats during their initial run of Rough Trade releases around the turn of the 1980s, including an unexpected cover version of ‘Lola’ (originally by the Kinks), plus two sessions. The band were part of a new generation of emerging female musicians in the post-punk era, with personnel links to the Slits and the Mo-Dettes.

After a decade of inactivity, the band reformed and returned to the Peel show in 1993, encouraged by the support of influential long-time fan Kurt Cobain. Another session was recorded, putting the band on the list of Longest Gaps Between Peel Session Appearances, but was not broadcast until after the death of the Nirvana superstar in April 1984, with the DJ reading out a dedication to Cobain from the Raincoats.

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The Raincoats - Peel Session 1979

Three sessions. #3 available on the Blast First CD single – Extended Play (1994).

1. Recorded 1979-03-06. First broadcast 19 March 1979. Repeated 01 May 1979, 27 June 1979.

  • In Love / You're A Million / Adventures Close To Home / Fairy Tale In The Supermarket

2. Recorded 1980-12-10. First broadcast 18 December 1980.

  • Using My Eyes / Family Treet / Baby Song

3. Recorded 29 March 1994-03-29. First broadcast 16 April 1994. (John reads out a dedication to Kurt Cobain, from the Raincoats, before their first session track is broadcast. The dedication is also repeated before their last track. )

  • No One's Little Girl / Don't Be Mean / We Smile / Shouting Out Loud

Other Shows Played

  • 16 April 1979: Adventure Close To Home (7" - Fairytale In The Supermarket) Rough Trade
  • 12 May 1979 (BFBS): Fairytale In The Supermarket (7") Rough Trade
  • 29 May 1979: Fairytale In The Supermarket (7") Rough Trade (Peel says his mother has seen the Raincoats on TV on Sunday night and didn't like them.)
  • 18 June 1979: Fairytale In The Supermarket (7") Rough Trade

The Raincoats - Lola (1979)

  • 17 March 1981: Shouting Out Loud (Cassette-NME/Rough Trade C81) New Musical Express
  • 19 May 1981: Baby Song (LP - Odyshape) Rough Trade
  • 30 June 1981: And Then It's O.K. (album - Odyshape) Rough Trade
  • 16 April 1993: The Void (album - The Raincoats) Rough Trade
  • 30 July 1993: In Love
  • 25 February 1994: Fairytale In The Supermarket (7 inch) Rough Trade
  • 05 March 1994: No One's Little Girl (7 inch – Running Away) Rough Trade (JP hopes that someone tapes the show so it can be flown out to Kurt Cobain in Rome, to aid his recovery after he fell into a coma after mixing drugs and alcohol. He thinks both Kurt and Courtney will like the Raincoats track a lot.)
  • 05 March 1994 (BFBS): Fairytale In The Supermarket (7") Rough Trade
  • 19 March 1994: Adventures Close To Home (7 inch - Fairytale In The Supermarket) Rough Trade
  • 26 March 1994: Adventure Close To Home (7" – Fairytale In The Supermarket) Rough Trade
  • 02 April 1994 (BFBS): Adventures Close To Home (7" - Fairytale In The Supermarket) Rough Trade
  • 17 August 1996 (BFBS): Only Tonight (CD-Looking In The Shadows) Geffen

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