"Every week, sometimes a couple of times a week, I used to go down to Virgin Records at Marble Arch, and the chap who was the manager of the place at the time used to, I’m sure without the approval of head office, allow me to take records out on approval. And the ones I didn’t want I would return. Obviously, the ones I wanted and played on the radio I would have to pay for. And I took out about ten or twelve records, one of which was the first LP by the Ramones. Now I liked several things about it. One, I liked the simplicity of the name really and the fact that it had an implication of that Spanish New York thing, which seemed quite romantic, and also because it was a monochrome sleeve as well. So I took all of these things back and I put the record on. And initially, because of all the kind of aggression and the brevity of the numbers, I was slightly taken aback by it, but sufficiently excited I always think anyway that I in that particular programme I put some five or six tracks into that night’s programme and rewrote the running order and everything."
(John Peel, Peeling Back The Years 4 (Transcript))

Ramones Live London 1977 full show Part 1

Ramones Live London 1977 full show Part 1

London Rainbow, 1977

The Ramones were an American rock band formed in New York in 1974. Their debut album, played for the first time by Peel on 19 May 1976[1] proved a turning point both in the development of the DJ's programs[2] and the rise of punk on both sides of the Atlantic.

Nevertheless, while recognised as hugely influential punk pioneers, the Ramones were never to enjoy the commercial success of contemporaries from the CBGBs club in New York or the many UK bands they helped to inspire.[3]

In 1997, Peel included the Ramones debut LP in a list of his all-time Top 20 Albums. Meanwhile, 'I Wanna Be Sedated' remained part of the DJ's live set into the 21st century.[4]

With the death of drummer Tommy Ramone on 11 July 2014, all the original members of the band, including singer/songwriter Joey Ramone, are now deceased.


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