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Ranking Miss P is a British radio presenter, born in London as Margaret Anderson to Jamaican parents. After leaving school, Miss P was studying to become a teacher, but instead was persuaded by her brother DJ Lepke to start broadcasting in 1979 on his community radio station, Dread Broadcasting Corporation (DBC), the first black station in Europe.

In 1983, Miss P was approached by BBC Television to compose and perform visual promotional trails and the theme song for their weekly magazine programme Ebony.

On 31 March 1985 she began presenting a weekly reggae show on BBC Radio One on Sunday nights. It was Radio One's first ever show dedicated solely to reggae music, and Miss P was one of the station's first black presenters. Her entire show on the 12 May 1985, was a tribute to the life and music of Bob Marley.

She left Radio One in 1989 and went on to present a programme called Riddim and Blues on BBC London 94.9 on Saturday nights, in which she played a wide variety of black music. She has two sons and a daughter.

Both DJ Lepke (real name Leroy Anderson) and Ranking Miss P are the younger siblings of Bob Marley's wife Rita Marley.

Links To Peel

Peel as a fan of reggae music mentioned on his 22 April 1985 show listening to a wonderful hour of Ranking Miss P's programme on BBC Radio One.

Ranking Miss P co-hosted with Peel, a one-off programme in 1986 on BBC Radio One called Caribbean Celebration which was an introduction to a night of live concert recordings of reggae artists.

In 2002, Ranking Miss P narrated the BBC TV documentary series Reggae: The Story Of Jamaican Music, which on the first episode featured Peel talking about the BBC's initial reluctance in playing reggae music and the controversial lyrics of Max Romeo's Wet Dream song.

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