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This page is a preliminary attempt to list the many various artist (v/a) reggae compilations played by John Peel on his radio shows, including releases featuring related music such as ska, rock steady, dancehall and dub, but excluding plays from collections already detailed elsewhere on this site, as indicated below. A huge reggae fan, the DJ gave generous airtime to numerous anthologies, both old and new.

In later years, Peel frequently returned to vintage roots reggae material from earlier decades, including releases on the Blood & Fire label co-founded by Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, who were far from his favourite band. While the DJ always praised the quality of the label's work, he was often moved to express surprise that the singer should be involved in such a worthwhile enterprise.[1]


(See also lists of v/a compilation plays on pages for Trojan Records, Jamaica, Adrian Sherwood. Please add further information if known.)


(LP - Hottest Hits) Front Line

(LP – Rock Steady) Studio One

(LP - Intensified! Original Ska 1962-1966) Island


(LP - More Intensified! Original Ska 1963-67 Vol. 2) Island

(LP – Club Ska '67) Island

(LP – Catch This Beat: The Rocksteady Years 1966-1968) Island

(LP - Sly And Robbie Present Taxi) Island / Taxi

(LP ‎– Roots Reggae Party Vol. 2) Silver Camel

(LP ‎- A Dee-Jay Explosion Inna Dance Hall Style) Heartbeat

(LP - Yard Style Christmas With Jah Iriest Artists) Mic Productions

(LP - Battle Of The DJs, Dance Hall Style) Coxsone

(LP - Best Of Studio One) Heartbeat

(LP - Island Reggae Greats) Island

(LP - Heartbeat Reggae) Heartbeat

(LP - "Keep On Coming Through The Door…" Jamaican Deejay Music 1969 - 1973)

(2xLP - Rub-A-Dubble Reggae Vol. 1) CSA

(LP - Ride Me Donkey) Studio One

(LP - Java Java Dub) Impact!

(LP - Jah Shaka Presents Dub Masters Volume 1) Island/Mango

(LP- DJ Government) Digital-B


(LP - Electrocutioner Phase 1) Jammy's

(LP - Hardcore Ragga) Greensleeves

(LP - Public Jestering - Lee Perry & Friends) Attack

(CD - Beyond The Front Line) Front Line

(LP - Ariwa D.J. Choice) Ariwa

(LP - Full Up: Best Of Studio One Volume 2) Heartbeat

(CD - Reggae House Music Vol. 3) VP Records

(CD - One Man One Vote) Greensleeves

(CD - Soul Defenders At Studio One) Heartbeat

(LP - Just Ragga Volume 1) Charm

(LP - Come Home) Digital-B

(CD - Explosive Rock Steady - Joe Gibbs' Amalgamated Label 1967-1973) Heartbeat

(LP - Strictly The Best 8) VP

(CD - Greensleeves Sampler 7 ) Greensleeves

(LP - Just Ragga Volume 3) Charm

(CD - Dub Or Die) ROIR

(CD - Bogle Mania – X-Terminator Versus Junjo) Greensleeves

(CD - Greensleeves Sampler 8) Greensleeves

(CD - If Deejay Was Your Trade (The Dreads At King Tubby's 1974-1977)) Blood & Fire

(CD - Truth And Rights, Observer Style) Heartbeat

(2xCD - Respect To Studio One) Heartbeat

(CD - Mojo Rock Steady) Heartbeat

(CD - Santic + Friends : An Even Harder Shade Of Black) Pressure Sounds

(CD - Reggae's Greatest Hits Vol. 5) Heartbeat

(2xLP, CD - Classic Reggae Mastercuts Volume 1) Mastercuts

(2xLP, CD - Dubhead Volume One) Shiver

(CD - A History Of Dub - The Golden Age) Munich

(2xLP, CD - Dubhead Volume Two) Shiver

(2xLP, CD - Dubhead Volume Three) Shiver

(2xCD - Dubnology 2: Lost In Bass) Middle Earth

(LP, CD - The Black Ark Presents Rastafari Liveth Itinually) Justice League

(CD - 2 Heavyweight - Another Blood And Fire Sampler) Blood & Fire

(CD - Ragga Ragga Ragga! 9) Greensleeves

(3xCD - Arkology) Island

(CD - Reggae Greats) Mango

(2xCD - Yabby You - Jesus Dread 1972-1977) Blood & Fire

(CD - Dubmission 2: The Remixes) Quango

(CD - Ska After Ska After Ska) Heartbeat

(2xLP - Produced & Directed By The Upsetter) Pressure Sounds

(CD - Junior Byles & Friends 129 Beat St) Blood & Fire

(2xCD - The Sound Of Channel One: King Tubby Connection) Motion

(LP - Roots Techniques) Pressure Sounds

(LP – Dubhead Sound Clash Series Session 1) Dubhead

(CD - The Upsetter Shop Vol. 2) Heartbeat

(CD – X-Ray Music: A Blood & Fire Dub Directory) Blood & Fire

(CD - Children Of Jah - The Chantells & Friends (1977-1979)) Blood & Fire


(CD - Select Cuts From Blood & Fire) Select Cuts

(CD - Born In The Sky (Upsetter At The Controls 1969-1975)) Motion

(CD - Dub / Original Bass Culture) Metro

(CD - Rocksteady Soul (The Original Cool Sound Of Duke Reid's Treasure Isle) Metro

(CD - Select Cuts From Blood & Fire Chapter 2) Select Cuts

(CD - Dubwise And Otherwise 2) Blood & Fire

(CD - Firehouse Revolution) Pressure Sounds

(LP – Soca 101, Vol. 1) VP

(LP - Dub Sampler Vol 1) Jamaican

(CD - Ready When You Ready Two) Smugg

(LP - Baffling Smoke Signal: The Upsetter Shop Vol.3) Heartbeat

(LP - Tribute To Peckings) Studio One

(CD - Nice Up The Dance) Soul Jazz

(CD - Red Bumb Ball - Rare And Unreleased Rocksteady 1966 - 1968) Pressure Sounds

(CD - Studio One Ska) Soul Jazz

(LP - Studio One Disco Mix) Soul Jazz

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