Rhythm Damage were a UK electronic band from Tamworth, Staffordshire, who released material between 1989 and 1992. The Vulgar Squad (as they sometimes liked to be known) were the combined talents of Rikk Quay, lead vocals, synths, samplers and programming, Kriss Wain, backing vocals, synths, samplers and programming and Jon Damage, backing vocals and synths.

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Friend of Band (Secret Legs): "I was with them the night that Malfunction was played on The John Peel Show. In a corner of The Tavern in the Town (where you would always find at least one of them). We were all huddled round a personal stereo with a radio, sharing the headphones, very drunk, absolutely elated. The band were all really happy, but I sensed that this was a particularly emotional experience for Rikk. After it had finished, he went to the kitchen behind the bar and phoned BBC Radio 1, explained that his band had just been played and asked whether he could be put through to speak to John Peel himself. Amazingly they did. Rikk thanked him, a lot, and then pointed out how funny it was that he'd referred to the band as "the sound of young Tamworth", being 37 at the time."

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