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Roman Holliday (sometimes mis-spelt as Roman Holiday) were a British pop band active in the early eighties, characterised by a musical style described by the group themselves as, "Early 50's Bebop, R&B and Rockabilly fused with 60s type pop songs and '80s type production".[1]

Originally formed in 1981, and after various line-up changes, the group (eventually a seven-piece) had a UK Top 20 hit "Don't Try To Stop It" in the summer of 1983. Commercial success was however fairly brief, with the follow up Motormania reaching no.40 and the parent album Cookin' On The Roof staying in the charts at no. 31 for just one week. The group enjoyed some international success, notably in Japan. They disbanded in 1985.

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It's not known how Peel became aware of Roman Holliday although was no doubt attracted to their fresh approach to pop music which had both a strong 1950s and 'indie' feel. He was needless to say one of the first DJs to pick up on their talent and the group recorded a Maida Vale session in the summer of 1982, a full year before obtaining commercial success. The session was selected as one of the best of the year and a second one followed in early 1983. They allegedly gained their first contract with JIVE on the strength of the Peel sessions. [2]

Appropriately, Peel introduced the band on their Top of the Pops debut.


ROMAN HOLIDAY John Peel 31st July 1982

ROMAN HOLIDAY John Peel 31st July 1982

1. Recorded: 1982-07-31. First broadcast 17 August 1982. Repeated 20 December 1982.

  • Motor Maniac / One More Jilt / Jive Dive / Standby

Tracks One More Jilt and Stand By available on 12" issue of debut single Stand By (JIVE T 31, 1983), annotated as 'live'.

2. Recorded: 1983-01-17. First broadcast 25 January 1983. Repeated 21 February 1983

  • Furs And High Heels / Chartreuse / No Ball Games

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