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Roxy Music are an English art rock band formed in 1971 by Bryan Ferry, who became the group's lead vocalist and chief songwriter, and bassist Graham Simpson. The other members are Phil Manzanera (guitar), Andy Mackay (saxophone and oboe) and Paul Thompson (drums and percussion). Former members include Brian Eno (synthesiser and "treatments"),  and Eddie Jobson (synthesiser and violin). Although the band took a break from group activities in 1976 and again in 1983, they reunited for a concert tour in 2001, and have toured together intermittently since that time. Despite a 18-year gap between activity Roxy Music never officially split up and Ferry never ended Roxy Music. Ferry frequently enlisted many Roxy members as session musicians for his solo releases. (Read more at Wikipedia )

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Peel's interest in Roxy Music was noted by Melody Maker's The Raver column in December 1971, which recommended an upcoming gig by them at London's Speakeasy club; "Peel's onto them already (they'll be on Top Gear next month) so be first on your block to discover one of next year's sensations...." Their first session (with former Nice guitar player Dave O'List instead of Phil Manzanera) went out before the band actually released an album - after Bryan Ferry gave a demo tape to fellow (honorary) Geordie John Walters [1] - and the DJ attended a gig the band played with Genesis in Wimbledon (see Gigography 1971).[1]  They apparently also came close to joining Peel's Dandelion label before eventually signing with Island.[2] The band ended up recording five sessions for his program and on 11 August 1976 he broadcast a Roxy Music retrospective. In addition, Phil Manzanera, Eno and Andy McKay all had solo sessions.

However, although he still seemed to retrain a certain level of respect for them, unlike some other acts that he initially championed, his interest in the group gradually faded and he started to view even the early material with a critical eye. For example, when on 29 December 1977 he re-broadcasted a 1972 live set he called the performance "a little weak", although he admitted that at the time it seemed like a "wow". Nonetheless, Roxy Music never completely disappeared from his playlists. He also seemed to remain on quite good terms with Bryan Ferry, with Ferry sending him Christmas wishes quite regularly.

In a 2012 video interview with John Peel Archive, Phil Manzanera remembered listening to Peel's radio shows while still at school and unsuccessfully entering the 1971 "Rockortunity Knocks" contest on Top Gear with his pre-Roxy band Quiet Sun - other members also went on to record Peel sessions, with Matching Mole and This Heat. Eventually recorded in 1975, their only album together also featured Eno and was later found among Peel's LPs (see Record Collection: Q).


  • Five sessions. Sessions #1, #2 (except "Bitters End") and "Virginia Plain" from session #3 available on the deluxe and 2-CD edition of "Roxy Music" (2018, Virgin EMI Records).

1. Recorded: 1972-01-04. First broadcast: 21 January 1972. Repeated: 18 February 1972.

  • Re-Make Re-Model / The BOB (Medley) / Would You Believe? / If There Is Something / Sea Breezes (first broadcasted 18 February 1972)

2. Recorded: 1972-05-23. First broadcast: 23 June 1972. Repeated: 28 July 1972.

  • Bitters End / 2 HB / Chance Meeting / Ladytron

3. Recorded: 1972-07-18. First broadcast: 01 August 1972. Repeated: 22 September 197511 May 1977.

4. Recorded: 1972-11-06. First broadcast: 09 November 1972. Repeated: ?

  • The BOB (Medley) / For Your Pleasure / The Bogus Man Pt. II[2] 

5. Recorded: 1973-03-05. First broadcast: 08 March 1973. Repeated: 29 March 1973.

  • Do The Strand[3]  / Editions of You / Pyjamarama / In Every Dream Home A Heartache


  • Recorded 1972-08-03. Original broadcast presented by Bob Harris on 1972-09-16, repeated on 29 December 1977 by Peel. All tracks except for "The Bogus Man Pt. II" ("Grey Lagoons") available on deluxe and 2-CD edition of "Roxy Music" (2018, Virgin EMI Records).
  1. The BOB (Medley)
  2. The Bogus Man Pt. II
  3. Sea Breezes
  4. Virginia Plain
  5. Chance Meeting
  6. Re-Make/Re-Model

Other Shows Played

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  • J P D36: Remake/Re-Model (LP - Roxy Music) Island
  • 29 September 1975: Love Is The Drug (7") Island
  • 06 October 1975: unknown tracks (LP - Siren) Island
  • 07 October 1975: more unknown tracks (LP - Siren) Island
  • 20 October 2004: Virginia Plain (LP - The Best of) Virgin (Siouxsie Sioux)

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ROXY MUSIC More Than This - TV Performance TOTP 1982

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  1. Eno recalled the gig and Peel's role as one of the band's earliest supporters in an interview with Lester Bangs, published online here.
  2. "The Bogus Man Pt. II" is an early version of "Grey Lagoons", and not an actual second part of the song included on the "For Your Pleasure" album.
  3. Ken Garner does not list "Do The Strand" from the fifth session on his The Peel Sessions book, but the track was indeed performed and broadcasted, and recordings of it exist.