Roy Head-Treat Her Right (Shindig) 1965

Roy Head-Treat Her Right (Shindig) 1965

Treat Her Right

Roy Head (born January 9, 1943 Three Rivers, Texas) is an American singer, best known for his hit "Treat Her Right" in 1965. He achieved fame as a member of a musical group out from San Marcos, Texas known as The Traits, who performed and recorded in the rockabilly, rock n roll and rhythm and blues musical styles from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s. Roy Head and the Traits held reunions in 2001 and 2007 and were inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in 2007 ... (read more at Wikpedia).

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A copy of the "Treat Her Right" single was discovered in John Peel's Record Box after the DJ's death. As he explained on his 12 July 2001 show, he bought this during a record shopping trip in Norwich. On the same programme, he recalled playing the song as an exclusive when worked on KOMA in Oklahoma, noting that he may have been the first in the world to give the record airplay:

"Does that matter? Are you impressed? Almost certainly not, I fear."

On 27 March 1973, Peel played the original song by Head alongside a recently released cover version by Roy Buchanan.

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  • 27 March 1973: Treat Her Right (single, 1965) Vocalion
  • 30 January 1993: Treat Her Right
  • 09 June 1999: Treat Her Right (single) Vocalion ("What a great record that is too!")
  • 12 July 2001: Treat Her Right (7") (JP: "And that's another record that I brought in Norwich earlier the week... I've got it on LPs but I thought it would be useful to have it on a 45 just in case I want to play it at any of these gigs that I do. I think actually that I may well have been the first person to play that on the radio because we got it as an exclusive at KOMA radio in Oklahoma City when I was doing the evening programme there. We played it first on the station and I think probably first in the world. Does that matter? Are you impressed? Almost certainly not, I fear.")
  • 10 February 2004: Treat her Right (7")' (Vocalion)

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