Run-DMC was an American hip hop group from Hollis, Queens, New York, founded in 1983 by Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, and Jason Mizell. Run-DMC is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential acts in the history of hip hop culture and one of the most famous hip hop acts of the 1980s. Along with LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy, the group pioneered new school hip hop music. Run-DMC was the first group in the genre to have an album certified gold (Run–D.M.C., 1984) and to be nominated for a Grammy Award. They're the first to earn a platinum record (King of Rock, 1985), the first to earn a multi-platinum certification (Raising Hell, 1986), the first to have their music videos broadcast on MTV, and the first to appear on American Bandstand and the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Run-DMC was the only hip hop act to perform at the U.S. Live Aid concert in 1985.

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Peel seemed to discover Run DMC in 1986 when he had an import copy of their Raising Hell LP before it was released in the UK. The group were played quite regularly between 1986 and 1988, when they also released their Tougher Than Leather album in 1988, which also got some airplay on his shows. By the time the mid-90's arrived, Peel seemed to have lost interest in the group's newer materials.

Shows Played

  • 01 June 1988: Tougher Than Leather (CD - Tougher Than Leather) Profile
  • 06 June 1988: Soul To Rock And Roll (LP - Tougher Than Leather) Profile
  • 15 June 1988: Ragtime (LP - Tougher Than Leather) London
  • 24 December 1992: 'Christmas In Hollis (Compilation CD-A Very Special Christmas)' (A&M)

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