Safe Deposit

Safe Deposit was a Swiss progressive house/trance act featuring P. A. Aeschlimann and Alain Weber. The group founded in 1991 were based in Lausanne, Switzerland and released a couple of albums and some singles in the early/mid 90's. Co-member Alain Weber later became an art director and currently works in the media field in Switzerland. Not much is known about P.A. Aeschlimann along with whether it was his real name or a pseudonym.

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Peel played Safe Deposit's You Can't in early 1995 and nearly couldn't find the track at Peel Acres, when the song entered at number 50 in the Festive Fifty. After the track was played on the Festive Fifty, Peel admitted that he never found much information about them. Apart from You Can't, no other tracks from Safe Deposit were played by JP. Despite this, Peel nominated the song as his Peelenium 1995.

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