Santo & Johnny - The Long Walk Home - 45rpm record -

Santo & Johnny - The Long Walk Home - 45rpm record -

The Long Walk Home

Santo & Johnny were an Italian-American rock and roll duo from Brooklyn, New York, comprising brothers Santo and Johnny Farina.

They are best known for their instrumental "Sleep Walk", which became a regional hit and eventually reached the top of the Billboard pop chart when it was released nationally in 1959. (read more at Wikipedia)

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Santo & Johnny, Sleepwalk, 1959

Santo & Johnny, Sleepwalk, 1959

The melancholy instrumental 'Sleepwalk' was a particular favourite of Peel and received regular airings over the years.

"This is something I used to play to myself whenever I was feeling homesick when I lived in Dallas, Texas millions of years ago." (20 September 1982).

The instrumental "The Long Walk Home", a track that delivered a similar emotional punch, was one of his picks for the 1960 Peelenium.

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