Scars (originally known as The Scars) were a post-punk band from Edinburgh, Scotland, and were a part of that city's music scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Fronted by Robert King and featuring Paul Research on lead guitar, John Mackie on bass, and Calumn Mackay on drums, the band's first single was in 1979 on Fast Product; "Horrorshow"/"Adult/ery".

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Peel invited the band to record two of his Sessions, once in February 1980 and another in May 1981.


Two sessions. No known commercial release.

THE SCARS - Peel Session (20th May 1981)

THE SCARS - Peel Session (20th May 1981)

1. Recorded 1980-02-20. First broadcast 06 March 1980, repeated 08 April 1980.

  • She's Alive / So Strong / Author! Author! / Je T'Aime C'Est Le Mort

2. Recorded 1981-05-20. First broadcast 04 June 1981, repeated 29 June 1981.

  • Remember Me / Turn Me On / Vanishing / They Came And Took Her

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