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(This page is about the British band. For the German band of the same name, see Scorpions).

The Scorpions, otherwise known as The Ferridays were formed in 1959 in Battersea, South West London, and released two singles in 1961. Founder members were brothers Ted Barber (born Edward Joseph Barber, 17 November 1940, Molesey, Surrey) - lead guitar; John Barber (born John Alan Barber, 30 December 1944, Battersea, South West London) - bass guitar; Mick LeDieu - drums; Ivor Knight (born Ivor Kenneth Knight, 16 September 1941, Battersea, South West London) - a drummer who joined in November 1959. They were the first rock band to use the name, The Scorpions. Other bands that have used the name included a 1960's British beat group from Manchester and the successful German hard rock/metal band formed in Hanover.

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Peel played a track from the group from a compilation album called  20 Classic Instrumental Rarities in 1985, but is not known whether he played any other tracks from the band on his programmes.

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The Scorpions - Scorpio - 1961 45rpm

  • 05 February 1985: Scorpio (LP – 20 Classic Instrumental Rarities) See For Miles

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