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Scott Alexander Brown (born 28 December 1972) is a Glasgow-born Scottish DJ and music producer, now living in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Brown produces and plays a variety of genres commonly called rave. Although he is most associated with bouncy techno, his music ranges from Happy Hardcore, through hard trance, to gabber. He is the founder of the Evolution Records family, which started in 1994. He was heavily involved in the evolution of the UK's hardcore techno scene from the early 1990s, in particular introducing the harder-edged sounds of Belgian and Dutch techno to the UK, and taking the Scottish sounds to Europe. He DJs at rave events in the UK, the Netherlands, the US, and locations worldwide. Brown has produced music on his own record labels (Evolution Records, Evolution Plus, Evolved, Evolution Gold, Poosh, Screwdriver and Twisted Vinyl), and under a range of monikers including Plus System,The Scotchman,Interstate, Bass-X (with his brother Stewart), and with his band Q-Tex, which was formed in 1991.

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Peel first heard the Scottish DJ in 1994 through the Hardcore Hell compilation, which he found out over the weeks consisted of alias artists, who were all in fact Scott Brown. Nonetheless Peel was still enthusiastic of Scott's work and invited the DJ to do a session for his show, which was first broadcast on 30 November 1996. Over the years, Peel continued supporting Scott's work by playing his tracks.


1. Recorded: 1996-11-20. Broadcast: 30 November 1996. Repeated: 24 July 1997. No commercial release

  • Spice Of Life / Andromeda / Its Our Future / Hardcore Assassin

Other Shows Played


Scott Brown - This Is How We Do It

(The list below was compiled only from the database of this site and Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive and is incomplete. Please add further information if known.)

  • 06 January 1995: 'Attack The Dancefloor (Compilation CD-Hardcore Hell Vol. 2)' (Evolution) (under the name of Lord Of Hardcore)
  • 07 January 1995: Acid Anthem (12 inch ) Evolution Records (with DJ Dell)
  • 14 January 1995: The Underworld (2xLP - Hardcore Hell 2) Evolution Records (under the name of Genaside)
  • 14 January 1995 (BFBS): 'Attack The Dancefloor (Compilation CD-Hardcore Hell Vol. 2)' (Evolution) (under the name of Lord Of Hardcore)
  • 14 January 1985 (BBC World Service): 'Attack The Dancefloor (2x Compilation LP-Hardcore Hell 2)' (Evolution)
  • 10 June 1995 (BFBS): 'Hardcore Creators (12")' (Screwdriver) (under the name of Bass-X)
  • 17 June 1995: Detonated !!! (2xLP - Rezerection - The Awaqkening Of '95) Evolution
  • 21 October 1995: Expansion (12" - Realm Of Darkness) Mokum (under the name of Annihilator)
  • 08 February 1997: Androdomini (12" EP - The Shredder EP) Twisted Vinyl
  • 11 March 1997: Rip It Up (12") Screwdriver (under the name of Lord Of Hardcore)
  • 19 March 1997: ‘Vortex (12 inch - The Shredder EP )’ Twisted Vinyl (with Phaze 2 Phaze) 
  • 14 May 1997: Wheel Of Fortune (12") Evolution
  • 05 August 1997: 'A New Sensation (12 inch )’ Twisted Vinyl
  • 06 July 2000: Everytime I Close My Eyes (12") White Label (with Gillian Tennant)

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