Sebadoh are an American indie rock band, currently signed with Joyful Noise Recordings. Formed in 1986 in Westfield, Massachusetts by Eric Gaffney and Dinosaur Jr. bass player Lou Barlow. Along with such bands as Pavement and Guided by Voices, Sebadoh helped pioneer lo-fi music, a style of indie rock characterized by low-fidelity recording techniques, often on four-track machines. The band's early output, such as 1990's Weed Forestin' and 1991's Sebadoh III, was typical of this style. (Read more at Wikipedia.)

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Peel regularly played tracks from Sebadoh releases following Lou Barlow's departure from Dinosaur Jr., as well as from the bass player's other projects, including Lou Barlow & His Sentridoh and Folk Implosion.

Festive Fifty Entries


Three sessions. The CD maxi-single version of Beauty Of the Ride included tracks from three sessions, ‘Slintstrumental’ (presumably ‘Slints”) from #1, ‘Sixteen’ (presumably from #2) and ‘Riding” (presumably from #3). The 10” vinyl version included only the first two of these; “Riding” was released on the 7”.

1. Recorded 1992-08-09. First broadcast 28 August 1992. Repeated 24 October 1992, 01 January 1993.

  • Pot Doesn't Help / Close Enuff / Circle Game / Slints / Mouldy Bread

2. Recorded 1993-04-04. First broadcast 08 May 1993. Repeated 24 September 1993.

  • Fast Times At Riot Girl High / Hassle / Sixteen / Pro Brush

3. Recorded 10 April 1994-04-04. First broadcast 07 May 1994.

  • Riding / Crest / Whole Hog / Beauty Of The Ride


  1. Soul And Fire
  2. Not A Friend
  3. Open Ended
  4. Beauty Of The Ride
  5. Skull
  6. Rebound
  7. Whole Hog
  8. Punch In The Nose

Other Shows Played

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Sebadoh-Soul and Fire

Sebadoh-Soul and Fire

'Soul And Fire', #07 in the 1993 Festive Fifty

Sebadoh - Rebound (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Sebadoh - Rebound (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

'Rebound', #16 in the 1994 Festive Fifty


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