Self Conscious Over You

Self Conscious Over You was a 1981 documentary, directed by John T. Davis. The documentary was the last in a trilogy of films (including Shellshock Rock (1979) and Protex Hurrah (1980)) exploring the Belfast filmmaker’s local subculture and American cultural influence. The series looked at the burgeoning punk scene in Northern Ireland, featuring early footage of bands such as Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, Protex, The Outcasts, and Rhesus Negative, among others. The Self Conscious Over You title was named after the Outcasts album and single of the same name and the film concentrated mainly on the 24th April 1980 gig, where the band performed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Peel made an appearance in the film introducing the Outcasts at the gig on 24th April 1980, where he mentioned amongst others that he wished the crowd were at Villa Park to cheer Liverpool on in their FA Cup semi-final 2nd leg football match against Arsenal.

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