• 1996-09-??
  • Start of show: 'Hello there my name is John Peel. I'm 56, fat and English. Sounds terrible doesn't it, but the music is going to be OK'
  • Peel apologises for not sending some of his shows to FSK for sometime due to an illness in the family, referring to Sheila's brain haemorrhage.
  • Peel mentions about 3 years ago, he bought 150 Kenyan 7" singles from a seller and suspect they were probably stolen but mentions some of them were great records and plays one of them on the show.
  • Peel reveals that one of his memorable gigs was when he and the Misunderstood played a gig at a black topless club in Watts, Los Angeles, a year before the riots.


  • None


(JP: 'As you will notice, there are a lot of John Lennon's around at the moment and here's an Australian one and a rather good one too')
(JP: 'This next track comes from Vancouver, Canada, and it's by somebody called Destroyer. I must admit when the cassette, when the CD rather, arrived, I didn't bother listening to it straight away, because I thought Destroyer was going to be some terrible Scandinavian heavy metal band, but in fact it's not the case at all, it's one bloke and he's really rather good. This is called I, As McCarthy')
(JP: 'As I said many times before, no radio programme really is complete without a track from The Fall so')
(JP: 'One of my favourite LP's of this year or indeed of any other year, is the LP, I take it to be first, made by the Swedish Elvis, Eilert Pilarm')
(JP: 'Here's something else noisier and extraordinary from Japan')


  • John Peel-FSK-DAT-96-09
  • 1:29:51
  • Thanks to Max-dat for the recording.
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