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(See also: Peel Sessions Releases, Reggae Sessions)


  • Information on this page was based initially on the Wikipedia article List of Peel sessions, which was largely sourced from the BBC Peel site and may contain errors. All session artist pages have now been reformatted and reordered, bringing them into line with other pages on this site. Final reference for John Peel Wiki on all matters related to Peel sessions is Ken Garner's book The Peel Sessions, and this page reflects corrections and data from this source, including sessions planned but not recorded before Peel's death and tribute events.
  • For further information on session tracks, please see Artist pages (in blue). You are very welcome to start a new Artist page. For information on how to do this, please see Make A New Artist Page.


  • The Peel Sessions Details and tracklistings for every Peel session broadcast from 1992 to 2002
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