Seventeen Plus were a soca band from the U.S. Virgin Islands formed in the mid-80's, who split in the 90's. Members of the band consisted of the following names: Azik, Fredo, Funk, Dalton, Binxie and Joey. The group were credited with bringing the use of the "riddim box" (electronic drum machine) into Soca music. Their music made full use of the electronic keyboard, drum machines, vocals and a bass line working together and set the standard for all bands of the electronic drum machine era.

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Peel was a big fan of the group's track 'Mary Jane', in which he encouraged listeners on his 06 October 1987 show to play it loud. According to current playlists, no other tracks from the group were played by Peel.

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Mary Jane - Seventeen Plus

Mary Jane - Seventeen Plus


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