Sgt. Rock

Sgt. Rock was the stage name of rapper and later DJ, Jim Burke, who was previously member of Collapsed Lung. By the mid 00's, Burke got rid of the name Sgt. Rock and formed Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer, as a British parodist performing  "chap hop" — hip-hop delivered in a Received Pronunciation accent. Mr. B raps, or "rhymes", about good manners, dressing with style and dignity, sophisticated society, pipe smoking and cricket while playing the banjolele. The character is described as having grown up in Cheam and attending Sutton Grammar School for Boys.

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In an interview with The Argus newspaper in 2004, Jim Burke paid tribute to Peel:

"Bizarrely, the last time I spoke to him he joked about booking us in for his 70th. To meet, he was exactly how he was on the radio - there was no difference. He had a very relaxing air and was a very genuine person. The first time we went up to DJ for him was for his 60th. We turned up and it was like walking into a friend's house. He said, 'Have a seat' and we started watching the football results with his uncle." [1]

Jim played at two of Peel's birthday parties and his wife's 50th birthday. Jim and his brother Richard from Brighton, became friends with Peel, who used to occasionally air Jim Burke's own records made under his Sergeant Rock stage name.

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SGT ROCK--we re in heaven

SGT ROCK--we re in heaven


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