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was the performing name of Henry Collins, an experimental sound artist from Brighton, who described his music as mashcore, rather than breakcoreThe Shitmat sound is a combination of splintered jungle, rave, old school, gabber and plunderphonic mashups.  His music is known for the humorous use of samples atypical of "serious" electronic artists and deliberate use of clichés. On November 19, 2012 Shitmat completed his Web based Mash Hits project in which he remixed every UK number one single since 1952. Creating 293 new tracks from over 1200 number one singles. At the end of 2012, he announced he was to kill off his ‘Shitmat’ moniker, stating "It’s basically time for me to move on, progress, evolve and let the other music I make take the front seat. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with humour and heavy music but for me, I’d like to launch and explore some of my other projects and ideas". On the same day he released a new album under the name Tafkas on Love Love records. 

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Peel played Shitmat's first ever single on 06 May 2003 a day after its release on Planet Mu Records. In an interview with Digital Fix Music in 2009, Collins recalled: [1]

"I was shocked, excited and laughing a lot. I really could not believe it. It meant so much to me and I still have the recording on cassette. The day after my first Shitmat 7" ‘Shopliftin' Gabba’ was released, he opened his show with it. It had a locked groove at the end of the record and he let the bagpipe loop play while he talked and introduced the next track."

Peel continued playing his music and invited him to do a mix exclusive for his show, which was broadcast on 26 August 2004 after Peel's show failed to get broadcast on BBC Radio One, when the lines to Peel Acres failed. After Peel's death in 2004, Shitmat again in the same interview with Digital Fix Music in 2009 commented:

"I was sad, upset and felt a real sense of loss. I think most listeners of his show felt that music/radio would never be the same again. His was the only radio show I listened to and looked forward to. As a positive reflection to his death I started up a record label 'Wrong Music' to promote interesting new music as I thought the world had lost a true voice for it."


Two sessions only. No known official release.

1. Recorded: unknown, own studio. First broadcast: 26 August 2004.

  • Shitmix

2. Recorded: Peel night live. First broadcast: 16 December 2004.

  • 10-min DJ mix

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Other Shows Played 

Shitmat - There's No Business Like Propa' Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz

Shitmat - There's No Business Like Propa' Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz

  • 24 February 2004: 'Rudeboy Babylon (LP- KillaBabylonKutz)' (Planet Mu)
  • 17 March 2004: 'On a Ragga Shit (LP - 'KillaBabylonKutz')' (Planet Mu)
  • 18 March 2004: 'Tuff Babylon' (LP KillaBabylonKutz) (Planet Mu)
  • 31 March 2004: 'Original Babylon (LP- Killababylonkutz)' (Planet Mu)
  • July 2004 (FSK): 4 Soundclashes & A Funeral (12" - Full English Breakfest Volume 4) Planet Mu
  • 06 July 2004: Theme From The 1988 Morris Dancer Massacre (EP - Full English Breakfest Vol.4) Planet Mu
  • 08 July 2004: '4 Soundclashes & A Funeral (EP: Full English Breakfast Vol. 4)' (Planet Mu)
  • 13 July 2004: "Rag 'n' Bone Men" (LP - 'Full English Breakfast') - (Planet Mu)
  • 15 July 2004: 'Night Of The Scorpion' (LP 'Full English Breakfast') Planet Mu
  • 22 July 2004: Dubplatter (LP - Full English Special) Planet Mu
  • 27 July 2004: 'Day-O' (LP- Full English Breakfast Vol. 1) - (Planet Mu)
  • 03 August 2004: 'Big Ben's Big Remix' (LP- Full English Breakfast) - (Planet Mu)
  • 05 August 2004: 'Big Ben's Big Remix (Album: Full English Breakfast)' (Planet Mu)
  • 12 August 2004: Shut Up (Album: Full English Breakfast) Planet Mu
  • 31 August 2004: 'Theme From The 1988 Morris Dance Massacre (CD-Full English Breakfest)' (Planet Mu (JP: 'You'd think he'd be absolutely certifiable, wouldn't you? But when he came into the studio this time last week, he seemed like a perfectly normal kind of geezer.')
  • 01 September 2004: 'Rag n Bone Men' (LP- Full English) - (Planet Mu)
  • 02 September 2004: 'Vengeance Of The Whitehawk Townies' 7" (Deathsuckers)
  • 27 October 2004:  'There's No Business Like Propa' Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz (CD-Full English Breakfast)' (Planet Mu)
  • 02 November 2004 (Rob Da Bank): 'Dubplatter' (cd LP - Full English Breakfast) - (Planet Mu)
  • 03 November 2004 (Rob Da Bank): ‘Shut Up’ (LP- Full English Breakfast) – (Planet Mu)
  • 04 November 2004 (Rob Da Bank):‘There’s No Business Like Propa’ Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz’ (LP- Full English Breakfast) – (Planet Mu)   
  • 01 December 2004 (Rob Da Bank): 'Theme From The 1988 Morris Dancer Massacre' (LP - Full English Breakfast) (Planet Mu)
  • 29 December 2004 (Rob Da Bank): 'There's No Business Like Propa' Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz (CD-Full English Breakfest)' (Planet Mu) FF #33

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