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Silver was a group of Finnish children consisting of Harri Englund and Steve Mink, who made noise rock on their two singles and album between 1979 and 1981, before dismantling. In January 2015 Finland's Broadcasting Company YLE made an investigative online multimedia-article about the band and was revealed that singer Harri Englund became a professor of Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. It is not known what happened to the other member Steve Mink.

In 2017, Harri Englund brought back the Silver brand and released a track called Weak Signals, but this time with Jenifosi Jingison, an African preacher from Malawi rather than with Steve Mink. The song consisted of loops of foreign language preaching/chanting accompanied by what sounds like backwards bass and some other noise.

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Peel admitted that he had three copies of the band's single on his 01 June 2004 show, which he played quite often on his shows in 1980. He later on mentioned that if there was any interest of the group's material, he would offer to give one of the singles in a competition after a record label from America named pop con, sent him a copy of the re-release Do You Wanna Dance released on their label.

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