The Sisters of Mercy- Alice

The 1983 Festive Fifty #27

Formed in 1980 in Leeds, the Sisters of Mercy achieved early underground fame in the UK. After a commercial breakthrough in the mid-1980s, they stopped releasing new recorded output in the 1990s in protest against their record company. Currently, the band is a touring outfit only ... (read more at Wikipedia).

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Peel first played the band's debut single in 1980 with the track Damage Done [1] and according to the band, the song was played twice by Peel. However by the mid-80's, Peel was disillusioned with Sisters Of Mercy's material and on his Peel 011 (BFBS) show from 1985 after playing their track Body And Soul, he mentioned:

''It does, I think, rather lack the vitality of their previous work.'

When talking to John Walters on Peeling Back The Years 4 (Transcript) in 1987, Peel ultimately rejected any requests from anybody wanting the Sisters Of Mercy:

"Well, I always, every time I do one of my terrible gigs, whatever records I play in the course of it, which tend to be not the ones which people request...people come up and say to me, "Can you play something by the Sisters Of Mercy?", I just say, "Under no circumstances whatsoever am I going to play anything by the Sisters Of Mercy!"

Festive Fifty Entries


Two sessions. No known commercial release.

1. Recorded: 1982-08-25. First broadcast: 07 September 1982. Repeated: 21 December 1982

  • 1969 / Alice / Good Things / Floor Show

2. Recorded: 1984-06-19. First broadcast: 11 July 1984. Repeated: 26 December 1984

  • Walk Away / Emma / The Poison Door / No Time To Cry

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