were formed in 1977 by Ian Stuart Donaldson (previously in a rock and roll covers band called Tumbling Dice) as a non-political UK punk band and were known for attracting violence at their shows (Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats once reported being knocked unconcious at one of their concerts).  Suggs of Madness was once a roadie for the band and Mark Radcliffe, the BBC Radio broadcaster was briefly a drummer for the band before they broke up in 1979. In 1982, Ian Stuart Donaldson reformed the band and took it to a neo nazi skinhead direction, where the band performed, raising money for extreme right wing parties such as the National Front and the British National Party. In 1993, Ian Stuart Donaldson was killed in a car accident and the band disbanded. 

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Skrewdriver were played on Peel's shows in 1977 and were invited to do a session, which they did in October 1977. The band only produced one album called All Skrewed Up in 1977, before they split up in 1979. Peel did not play any of the reformed Skrewdriver tracks, due to the extreme racist lyrics and the music not being of his satisfactory level.


Skrewdriver- complete John Peel sessions-0

Skrewdriver- complete John Peel sessions-0

Skrewdriver's only Peel session from 1977

1. Recorded 1977-10-19. First broadcast: 28 October 1977. Repeated: 25 November 1977
  • Street Fight / Unbeliever / The Only One / Antisocial

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The information below comes from Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions from Chapter 11, Page 218


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