Slowdive are a British shoegaze band formed in Reading in 1989. The band consist of Rachel Goswell (vocals/guitar), Nick Chaplin (bass), Neil Halstead (vocals/guitar), Simon Scott (drums 90-94), Ian McCutcheon (drums 94-95), and Christian Savill (guitar). In 1995, the band recorded what is currently their final record, 'Pygmalion'. A misunderstood and widely misinterpreted "ambient" record, it took the dreamy guitar sound and warm yet solemn tone of earlier Slowdive to a newer, more minimalist extreme. After the split, Neil Halstead formed the group Mojave 3, while Rachel Goswell and Simon Scott recorded as solo artists. Slowdive reunited in 2014.

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Slowdive were regularly played on Peel's shows between 1990 and 1991. However he did not play any of their later material after that period.

Festive Fifty Entries


1. Recorded: 1991-03-26. Broadcast: 21 April 1991. Repeated: 23 June 1991, Peel Early Summer 1991

  • Catch The Breeze / Song 1 / Golden Hair

Other Shows Played

Slowdive - catch the breeze

Slowdive - catch the breeze

'Catch The Breeze', #20 in the 1991 Festive Fifty

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  • 24 April 1993: 'Catch The Breeze (CD-Just For A Day)' (Creation) 1991 Festive Fifty #20

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