• Smashie And Nicey: The End Of An Era
  • BBC-1
  • 1994-04-04
  • Smashie and Nicey The End Of An Era Part 3

    Smashie and Nicey The End Of An Era Part 3

    Part 3: JP with Faces at start, in rocking chair around 7 minutes

    Comedians Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield draw the curtain on their Harry Enfield Show parody "Radio Fab" jocks Smashie & Nicey, with the duo looking back over their long careers ahead of being shipped out of "Radio Quiet".
  • Peel appears in a cameo, playing punk records in a rocking chair, as well being glimpsed briefly as in the celebrated Top Of The Pops clip of him miming with the Faces in 1971.
  • Other cameo appearances include JP's fellow DJs Tony Blackburn, Alan Freeman and Kid Jensen.

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