Snapshots was a series broadcast on Channel 4 between 1991 and 1993, where celebrities return to places of their past, which hold a special meaning for them. The programmes were around 10-15 minutes long and John Peel was featured on one episode, broadcast in January 1993, where he visits Anglesey in Wales and talks about his holidays with his parents and his army days there.

A snippet from a Peel radio show is played Over the closing titles of Snapshots where he refers to the TV programme being recorded and him meeting someone in Anglesey who asked for a track by The Wild Swans. This is taken from his 26 September 1992 show. JP also talked about the filming of Snapshots on air the previous day, 25 September 1992. The two radio shows were in the week following his trip to Anglesey.


John Peel's Snapshots

John Peel's Snapshots

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